11/2014: Yaddo Adventures

November 4, 2014

quintan ana wikswo / yaddo

POLAROID / Yaddo Lake 2014 (c) Quintan Ana Wikswo

I’ve been ensconced in the sublime winter wonderlands of Yaddo, finishing my upcoming book with Coffee House Press – The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far, due out in May 2015. All this a gift indeed by both Yaddo and Coffee House to make something beyond my wildest dreams.

Thirty days of wandering the former Iroquois lands, the haunted mansion, quicksand rivulets, witch towers, unexpected forest gravestones, the ruined trout farm of the Hessian mercenary, and the studio – always more work to be done in the studio! – and evenings around the fireplace with colleagues and artistic instigators of all stripes.


POLAROID / Yaddo Lake 2014 (c) Quintan Ana Wikswo


I began to write the book there, and now I’ve completed the book there…a closed curve filled with mystery and adventure. The wintertime upstate is a glorious place to step outside of conventional reality and become unmoored in a very old American timespace.

WIKSWO_YADDO006 polaroid

POLAROID / Yaddo Lake 2014 (c) Quintan Ana Wikswo

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