Wikswo receives 2013 Creative Capital Grant in Emerging Fields

January 10, 2013

I am delighted to be awarded a Creative Capital grant in Emerging Fields, for my multiyear project. I’m honored to be part of this phenomenal adventure.

Here is the press release below, and you can also find more details on the Creative Capital website, with a downloadable PDF of the press release here, and a longer post on the Creative Capital blog about this year’s awardees.

Quintan Ana Wikswo
Los Angeles, CA
Project Title: problemkinder / Mercy Killing Aktion
Emerging Fields: Interdisciplinary

In problemkinder / Mercy Killing Aktion, Quintan Ana Wikswo explores clandestine sites where state sponsored
programs conduct[ed] biosocial crimes and human rights atrocities against female, queer,
disabled, ethnic, and psychiatrically-targeted communities. The artist uses damaged, broken, and
salvaged cameras, typewriters, administrative and industrial materials manufactured through forced
institutional labor to create a constellation of projects in text, literature, photography, film, video,
fieldwork documentation, site-specific installations and collaborative performance works. These
materials become unexpected tools to subvert the secrecy, censorship, silencing and suppression
surrounding how the state defines normalcy, and the institutions it uses to control, contain and
eliminate those whom it deems abnormal.


 	Top, left to right: Complex Movements, Nick Hallett & Shana Moulton, Jen Bervin, luciana achugar. Bottom, left to right: Laurie Jo Reynolds, Emily Johnson, Mondo Bizarro.

Meet Our 2013 Grantees in Emerging Fields, Literature and Performing Arts!

Today, Creative Capital announced our 2013 project grants in the categories of Emerging Fields, Literature and the Performing Arts, representing a total of 46 funded projects by 66 artists hailing from 17 states and Puerto Rico. The 2013 grantees were selected through an open-call, three-phase application process from a pool of more than 2,700 applicants. Creative Capital’s investment in each project includes up to $50,000 in direct financial support (disbursed at key points over the life of each project), plus more than $40,000 in advisory services, making our total 2013 investment more than $4,140,000.

Emerging Fields
Traditionally, Creative Capital’s Emerging Fields projects have centered on pushing the boundaries of technology. This year technology is embedded in most of the 17 funded projects, but is not the subject of the work. Instead, many are issue-focused, dealing with the environment, food, immigration, incarceration and urbanism, among others. Specifics include: a media artist who will build projectors from discarded e-waste; a public performance event planned and executed with a community in San Juan, Puerto Rico; a series of immersive dining experiences set in future worlds; and a multimedia exploration of state-sponsored human rights atrocities.

The 2013 awards in Emerging Fields are as follows:
Juan William Chávez, St. Louis, MO
Julia Christensen, Oberlin, OH
Design 99 (Mitch Cope & Gina Reichert), Detroit, MI
Fallen Fruit (David Burns, Matias Viegener & Austin Young), Los Angeles, CA
Ghana ThinkTank (John Ewing, Maria del Carmen Montoya & Christopher Robbins), Roxbury, MA
Nick Hallett & Shana Moulton, Ridgewood, NY
Natalie Jeremijenko, New York, NY
Maryam Keshavarz & Roya Rastegar, Los Angeles, CA
Ali Momeni, Pittsburgh, PA
Laurie Jo Reynolds, Chicago, IL
Susan Robb, Seattle, WA
Chemi Rosado-Seijo, San Juan, PR
Steve Rowell, Los Angeles, CA
Gregory Sale, Phoenix, AZ
Miriam Simun, New York, NY
Elaine Tin Nyo, New York, NY
Quintan Ana Wikswo, Los Angeles, CA

The six funded Literature projects are diverse in scope, encompassing fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose, experimental and technology-based work and traditional forms. Specifics include: an artist working with bio-medical researchers at MIT to create an experimental book of micro-poems printed on medical silk; a nonfiction book exploring the complicated history of African-American literacy under slavery and freedom; and a book-length poem that takes the form of notes for a college seminar on the underworld in world literature.

The 2013 awards in Literature are as follows:
Jessica Anthony, Portland, ME
Jen Bervin, Brooklyn, NY
John McManus, Norfolk, VA
Maggie Nelson, Los Angeles, CA
Srikanth Reddy, Chicago, IL
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, New York, NY

Performing Arts
The funded projects in Performing Arts cover a broad range of sub-disciplines, including dance (both formal and experimental), theater, puppetry, musical theater, experimental music, multimedia performance and performance art. Each represents a catalytic moment for the artists—a “leap” forward in their practice. Specifics include: an interactive hip-hop performance exploring the relationship between art, science and social justice; a music-theater work about failed superpowers; and a site-specific performance that offers an elegy for the disappearing wetlands of southern Louisiana.

The 2013 awards in Performing Arts are as follows:
Kyle Abraham, Brooklyn, NY
luciana achugar, Brooklyn, NY
Jesse Bonnell, Brooklyn, NY
Taylor Ho Bynum, New Haven, CT
Wally Cardona, Brooklyn, NY
Jace Clayton, Brooklyn, NY
Complex Movements (Carlos Garcia, Invincible, Wesley Taylor & Waajeed), Detroit, MI
Corey Dargel, Brooklyn, NY
Degenerate Art Ensemble (Joshua Kohl & Haruko Nishimura), Seattle, WA
DD Dorvillier, New York, NY
Faye Driscoll, Brooklyn, NY
Michelle Ellsworth, Boulder, CO
Trajal Harrell, New York, NY
Emily Johnson, Minneapolis, MN
Dohee Lee, Oakland, CA
Miwa Matreyek, Los Angeles, CA
Neal Medlyn, Brooklyn, NY
Mondo Bizarro (Millicent Johnnie, Sean LaRocca & Nick Slie), New Orleans, LA
Queen GodIs & Makeda Thomas, Brooklyn, NY
The TEAM (Jessica Almasy, Rachel Chavkin, Matt Hubbs & Libby King), Brooklyn, NY
Arturo Vidich & Daniel Wendlek, Brooklyn, NY
Wakka Wakka Productions (Gabrielle Brechner, Kirjan Waage & Gwendolyn Warnock), Brooklyn, NY
Holcombe Waller, Portland, OR

We cannot wait to begin working with this amazing group of artists! Learn more about how these projects were selected and browse their project descriptions and artist bios on our website.

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