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March 8, 2017

In the coming era, I’ll have some artwork, fieldwork and activist adventures to share, some of which don’t need to go out over the public transom! Please consider signing up for my wee transmissions to your inbox via TinyLetter! Many of you know my daily presence of harangues, work updates, and whatnot generally appear on Facebook…some eventually make their way to BumbleMoth, or elsewhere, but many people are not on social media. You get the idea, I’m sure. I like the idea of correspondence.


The Adventures & Misadventures of Quintan Ana Wikswo

Tidbits of Q’s artistic and activist activities in NYC, the Southwest Border, and elsewhere. The succinct scoop on fieldwork, writings, photographs, workshops, trainings, publications, interviews, exhibitions, podcasts, performances, curatorial projects, calls for proposals, collaboration invitations, resistance workbooks, and intersectional social justice projects and initiatives. Sent once or twice a month.

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