REVIEW IN VOL 1: “each sentence is a shaman holy enough to regard the stanza as a pair of shackles”

September 16, 2015

“Each story relies on a delicate juxtaposition of image and text. It supports the manner in which we process white space, as a sort of separate, “meta” narrative. Paragraphs seem unnecessary here, as if each sentence is a shaman holy enough to regard the stanza as a pair of shackles, or a superfluous control mechanism.”


“It felt good on the palm. That was the first thing I noticed. Then, as I began to read, I wondered, what kind of reader have you created? Will you be able to keep them on dry land? Will the shapes of their bodies slowly evolve over time? What about their concept of color? Will light finally refuse their forms and release them into the realm of hunger and longing?”


“Like love, writing is a convergence of birds. I took your book overseas with me. Here, I found myself wrestling with demons and huddling under airborne contaminants. The location was tropical. My voice was constantly shaking. I had dreams in which I existed in alternate realities that were filled with melancholy and draped in the light of unwell, yellow moons.

One moon crossed over the path of another only to create debris. Another moon rubbed and rubbed and rubbed itself on the nearest frictive surface, in the hopes of catching fire. Still another wasn’t a moon at all, but the outline of a familiar face from a very distant past.”

– Craig Foltz