NPR RADIO INTERVIEW #1 of 2: 9/17/17 on Words on a Wire with Tim Hernandez and Daniel Chacon

August 22, 2017

My first interview with the jaw-dropping Tim Hernandez will air on one of my favorite NPR literary programs, WORDS ON A WIRE on Sunday, September 17th. You can go to their website to tune in, and the session will be archived for global listening.

We’ll be talking about my first book, a semi-memoir hybrid-nonfiction collection of stories and poems and photographs THE HOPE OF FLOATING HAS CARRIED US THIS FAR – especially the idea of decolonizing non-fiction and the role of genre-bending and form-monkeywrenching. The collection of short stories was published by Coffee House Press and is available for purchase here

Stay tuned for the second interview airing this fall, when we will discuss my forthcoming novel-with-photographs A LONG CURVING SCAR WHERE THE HEART SHOULD BE, available for pre-order here. Beyond the obvious differences, the hardback has higher quality photographs if that’s your thing! 

Advance praise for the novel from New York Times book critic Jeff VanderMeer:

“Beautiful, horrifying, passionate, and bold. A Long Curving Scar is all of these things, in addition to a stirring and compelling read…but it is also a fascinating chronicle of the effects of place and history on the individual, and a record of how little of the inequities of that history in this country have yet been held to account. I can think of few books this year that I felt were more necessary to read at this point in time and yet were also so very lyrical and so well-wrought as storytelling.” – Jeff VanderMeer

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