June Book Pick: “It’s unlike anything else you’re likely to read this year.” – Volume 1 Brooklyn

June 8, 2015

Huzzah to Volume 1 Brooklyn for featuring my book THE HOPE OF FLOATING HAS CARRIED US THIS FAR (Coffee House Press) in their June 2015 recommended books: “Describing The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far isn’t easy: it blends stark prose and shifting imagery with images that sometimes accentuate the words on the page and sometimes bring moments into sharp (pardon the pun) focus. It’s unlike anything else you’re likely to read this year.” 

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HOF final front cover

“The month of June brings with it a widely varied host of literature. If you’re in the mood for literary fiction from some of the most adept practitioners of it, you’re going to be pretty well taken care of. Perhaps you’re searching for work from a cult writer that’s only recently re-entered the spotlight? Some of these books fall into this category as well. From surreal, disorienting fiction to explorations of spaces familiar and historic, these books offer plenty for a wide range of literary tastes.”