INTERVIEW: Quintan Ana Wikswo in Jackalope

September 26, 2017

click here to read the interview by Chantelle Mitchell – here’s an excerpt: “Have you noticed anything specific about your artistic process? It helps to have enemies. I think I write for retribution, vengeance, emotional reparations. I’ve been thinking a lot about emotional reparations and emotional justice because there’s no real money in writing, so those of us who are pursuing it as an art form are doing it for other reasons. I’ve been thinking a lot about what my other reasons are. And I think I am very driven by the need for emotional reparations from history, from this society, from specific people in my life. But every book that I have written has been written around real violence…I think there has to be a lot at stake in order to sustain the drive to complete a project.

I think an adversary is different than a hater. An adversary, to me, is the force that I’m pushing against, it’s the silencing force. It’s not so much that I write in anger, it’s that I need to feel something pushing back at me and feeling that I’m pushing at something. And then there’s a relationship. It’s not just me throwing into the void, the void is writing back to me, is talking back to me as I’m talking to it. So I have to feel that there’s a conversation with the larger cosmos happening.

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