Bumblemoth: News from the Studio

Field Report: Nine Legged Studio Spider

August 27, 2014

As some folks know, my Brooklyn studio flooded early this summer. Sometimes a minor catastrophe can be the best medicine – I’m more happily resettled in moody-sweet digs with numinous rays of opalescent light and lots of space for incubation of ideas. A few work prints were destroyed, but it was good to clean and sort and begin fresh […]

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Field Report: Down in the Hoodoos

August 25, 2014

Topography is such an anti-evocative word for a marvelous phenomenon – the shifting strata of our planet’s surface. I love the desert because the topography does not mess around. It wears no disguise. It’s naked. There’s no mud or forest or water to cover over the astonishing. And it really is astonishing. Hoodoos are perhaps […]

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Field Report: Scorpion Shamanism

August 14, 2014

a bit of scorpion shamanism out here in the desert…at work on the project Out Here Death Is No Big Deal. A bit more detail on the project websites: HERE and HERE.

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Field Report: Floating in Forgotten Beaches

August 1, 2014

June and July have brought me broody moody skies and a dreamy hidden landscape for extensive fieldwork along the northeastern coast of the United States. Summer light stays late into the night this far north, and provides a twilight wonderland that dissolves into a coastal mist…there’s no telling what might happen when it lifts…perhaps the artist […]

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winter solstice sweet and creeping

December 22, 2013

A million times yes to this snowy solstice! The darkest dark night is a dream incubator, a vision gestator, a transgalactic black hole goddess. Wishing everyone an incendiary dark solstice night, with snow glow and ancestor spirits, from deep within the sweet and creeping desert.                    

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The Field Reports / OHDINBD

December 19, 2013

Psst…there’s another location for field reports besides Bumblemoth! While the Out Here Death Is No Big Deal project is out and about in the desert this winter, please also head on over to the project website FIELD REPORTS / OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL for various ponderings. Click Here to read about fieldwork at the […]

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Apache Point Astronomy Fieldwork

December 18, 2013

The past two days spent in fieldwork with the marvelous staff of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey at Apache Point Telescope, observing the mapping of distant galaxies. Embraced by 45mph winds on a 10,000 elevation peak overlooking the precipice: Ciudad Juarez femicide sites and the White Sands nuclear testing grounds’ Trinity Site down below. I […]

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12/1/13: Out Here Death Is No Big Deal / Femicide Sites in Occupied Territories

December 17, 2013

After several years of intensive incubation, my new longterm body of work called OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL launches on December 1st, when my team and I begin our fieldwork along the US-Mexico border. There is a lot more detail about the project on the website: www.OutHereDeathIsNoBigDeal.com including the expanding team of artists and advisors that […]

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10/18/2013: Exhibition + Artist Talk + Press Conference: Jewish Museum Berlin

November 27, 2013

A video clip with excerpts from the artist’s talk “Something Important is Happening Here” with Quintan Ana Wikswo on Friday 18 October 2013 at the Jewish Museum Berlin(in English). And a random selection of snapshots from the exhibition opening and press conferences, speeches, artist talks and whatnot surrounding the exhibition in Berlin. With info in English here and in […]

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Moon Over Berlin Exhibition

October 16, 2013

Nearly-full moon over the museum, with my exhibition banners. A dream come true! So delighted with the exhibition installation, and excited about Thursday night’s opening at the Jüdisches Museum Berlin | Jewish Museum Berlin.  

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7-minute Presentation at Creative Capital

October 10, 2013

Here’s the video of my project presentation at Creative Capital – a seven-minute exploration of my artistic practice, fieldwork process, clandestine state-orchestrated policing of the human body, mind and psyche…as well as working with slave-labor cameras and typewriters at sites of crimes against humanity.

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FIELD REPORT: Creative Capital Retreat, Fireflies, Full Moons

July 24, 2013

I’m up at I’m up at Williams College in Massachusetts for the force-of-nature-known-as-the-Creative Capital Retreat – what can perhaps best be described as a transmogrifying mindmeld between artistic process and artistic product, an investigation of the interstices of artmaking within a capitalist society, and an invaluable opportunity to experience the tectonic plates shifting in our culture […]

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FIELD REPORT: Double Rainbow

July 4, 2013

The clouds in Germany unlike any others: huge, swollen, white. Wolken in Berlin wie nirgendwo sonst: riesig, geschwollen, weiß… My favorite aspect of Germany is cloud watching – I lose track of myself in traffic because I am staring at the sky. In summer, in winter, the storm clouds improbable, the sunsets lurid, and the depth […]

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Field Report: Schiele, Klimt, and the Candlelight Women

July 3, 2013

Working most days on a new piece, Six Nights in Ignaz Gunther Haus. It’s about the female Jewish body in contemporary Germany, and it’s leading down a maze of questions and curiosities. My curiosity only grows about this conflict between the female body that conforms, and the female body that is a mess, a disaster, a […]

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FIELD REPORT: The Aerials of Bavaria

July 3, 2013

Here in the villa, our antennae are our antlers, reaching up into the mist and fog to make electrical contact with what whispers in the ether above. We have no television. Pencils, bodies, dictionaries, strings, wax, typewriters… all these transmit and receive. The original statue in our garden was a resting stag, with antlers. The […]

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