BOOK TOUR: LOS ANGELES JUNE 23rd “radiant, sensual, endlessly layered”

June 19, 2015

Please join Coffee House PressTuesdays At Monk SpaceSome Serious Business,Creative Capital, and Skylight Books invite you to celebrate the launch of Quintan Ana Wikswo‘s  THE HOPE OF FLOATING HAS CARRIED US THIS FAR – a book of short stories and photographs on Coffee House Press.

Tuesdays at MONK SPACE
Monk Space
4414 W 2nd St, Los Angeles, California 90004

Event begins at 7pm / Performance at 8pm / Reception continues


Doors open at 7:00pm. A live performance at 8:00pm features live performances from the book – narration by actress Amber Benson, with video projection of Wikswo’s films from the book, and original music by acclaimed new music composers Veronika KrausasArthur Kell, andJason Francesco Heath. An exhibition of photographs from the book will frame the performance. The performance will be followed by a reception and book signing. Books will be available for sale by Skylight Books.

This event is FREE and open to the public.



or on Amazon:

Or purchase your copy at the event from Skylight Books



Stories & Photographs by Quintan Ana Wikswo
Coffee House Press

When love, lust, and longing have all but killed you, and Newtonian physics has become too painfully restrictive, is it possible to find freedom in another dimension? Have you lost the will to live, or have you lost the will to live as human? In these stories, characters must learn to live with unmarked edges and meanings that can no longer be defined.



“You will find within these pages a marvelous alchemy of image and text, all of it radiant, sensual, endlessly layered. The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us this Far is at once a seduction and an insurrection: a paean to lovers, explorers, resisters, and those without borders.”—National Book Award finalist Sarah Shun-lien Bynum author of Madeleine is Sleeping

“These stunning, solitary and cinematic letters to the self (think of the Quays and Béla Tarr speaking together in dreamtime) bear witness to a world beloved and betrayed, the spent and brutal collisions of irretrievable loss with what might have been possible.”—Rikki Ducornet

“Quintan Ana Wikswo, in her unique and magnificent The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far, has ignited a magnificent condensation of texts and images that culls together spirit, compassion, and dreams. Throughout her foray into extensions of the mind and the limits of the body she exudes an uncanny power of magic and wizardry.”—@LynnLynn Hershman Leeson

Quintan Ana Wikswo’s trenchant interdisciplinary investigation into the sites of massacres and other atrocities is a vivid reminder that art no longer serves religion, but is progressively supplanting it in terms of ritual and sanctity. —Thomas Micchelli, Hyperallergic

“[The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far explores] humanity from the outside, not just crossing genres but exploding them. Quintan combines text and photography to give us characters who have left their bodies, and whose stories have become boundless. She writes with both a lightness and the weight of lives unlived, of remorse, and of loss.”—0s&1s



Thanks to partners Tuesdays At Monk Space, Skylight Books, Some Serious Business, and Creative Capital.

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