9/30: Video of Artist Talk for “Fieldwork: Out Here Death is No Big Deal” at Santa Fe Art Institute / SFAI 140

September 28, 2016

I was invited to speak for 140 minutes on my project OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL and FIELDWORK as part of the prestigious Santa Fe Art Institute’s Immigration/Emigration Forum SFAI 140. I didn’t quite make the 140 minute cut-off, but it was good to share the work with an enthusiastic audience, and discuss my project in which I and other participants inhabit the VULTURE avatar, who digs up the bodies of femicided women in the US-Mexico border region. While I spoke about the project, they projected excerpts from the performance art installation on video. The lecture was accompanied by an exhibition of the images from FIELDWORK, as well as a collaborative installation, CASE HISTORIES, with artist Matthew Contos.

More about the FIELDWORK Project:

the original video installation:

the original text and images
in Guernica magazine:


an interview with me in Hyperallergic
on FIELDWORK exhibited at
the Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC  


In the Desert, a Vulture Spirit Follows a Trail of Femicide

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