20 BEST BOOKS OF 2017: Joanna Valente for Luna Luna Magazine

November 30, 2017

Luna Luna Magazine and editor Joanne Valente has named my new novel-with-photographs A LONG CURVING SCAR WHERE THE HEART SHOULD BE one of the top twenty books of 2017. Check it out here! Exploring my family’s multiracial and gender-bending history outside Charlottesville, Virginia in the 1930s, this book was supported by a National Endowment for the Arts and a Creative Capital fellowship to retrace the obscured paths of my family as they navigated the path towards liberation in a culture of containment and restriction.

Thanks, Luna Luna

The novel is available in hardback (better quality photographs) and paperback (a slightly reduced price!) wherever books are sold, but I encourage everyone to order directly from the publisher, Stalking Horse Press (named by John Madera as one of the top 20 indie presses today). This supports independent publishing more directly, and their list of books is incredible!