February 14, 2015

My ten-piece suite FIELDWORK from my body of work OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL is currently on exhibit at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in Soho, February 14-March 25, 2015. Part of the Wave and Particle exhibition.

A suite of photographs, essays, poems, texts, solo performance works, artifacts, video installations, and site-specific gestures, FIELDWORK is based in autobiography and memoir, and inhabits the artist’s decades as an activist in gender-based violence in the Southwest and US-Mexico border. FIELDWORK invokes the artist’s alter-ego, Vulture Vigilante – a skinwalker hybridized of half-woman, half-scavenger of the dead – who returns to the sites where femicided women’s bodies were dumped or buried and hidden. The project surrounds the physical and erotic bodies and psyches of women – field workers, victims, survivors – within the context of pervasive violence and death. It is part of the artist’s body of work OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL addressing the lives of women navigating the tangle of predatory institutional and personal violence in the desert borderlands between Northern Mexico, the Tohono O’Odham Nation, and the southwest United States.

Quintan Ana Wikswo's FIELDWORK (from Out Here Death Is No Big Deal). Robert Feldman Gallery, NYC

Quintan Ana Wikswo’s FIELDWORK (from Out Here Death Is No Big Deal). Robert Feldman Gallery, NYC

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