December 4, 2014

Friends, lunatics, bibliophiles – this is apparently what’s necessary to get my 304 page book of ten stories and two hundred photographs out of my brain and into the nooks and crannies of our cosmos. A LOT of artist tape (sort of like wardrobe tape, only with a book, one ends up more visible at the end, instead of less).

Thanks to Yaddo for the space to work on this book – not once, but twice – and to Coffee House Press for making this vision leap forward and expand and grow and turn into something truly insane. I mean, I get to make a book of illustrated short stories! Color plates! Dream realms! The book is about physical (and metaphysical) transformation (and transmogrification) in the face of existential trauma. But they’re really just a lot of wartime love stories. Or are they war stories during lovetime? Or are they…oh, never mind, back to the studio wall!

the hope of floating has carried us this far wikswo book  photo copy 2


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