10/22: Premiering “Nonagon for the Dead who are Rising” at Radical Abicus

October 20, 2016

quintan ana wikswo and arthur kell

Radical Abicus
1226 Calle de Comercio, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
9pm – 1am

Quintan Ana Wikswo (writer, visual artist, performer) and Arthur Kell (composer, upright bassist) premiere their new work “Nonagon for the Dead who are Rising,” a spiral of abstract conceptual compositions surrounding colonialism, the black panthers, the black snake dakota pipeline, peyote, femicide, protection, connection, intersection, anger, and organized resistance.

‘And some mornings as it turns to autumn and the fog rises from the bosque and for a minute I think yes, we’re rising – I can’t tell who fought back and who did not. Who froze and who fled. Who fought and who fled. Who fled then fought then froze. Who froze then fled then fought. There’s too many. There are too many. They go on. And on. And the deeper the soil and the deeper the rock the deeper they’ve climbed out and we stand and we look at each other and we say, we want justice, what do we do now?’
Quintan Ana Wikswo: http://www.quintanwikswo.com/
Arthur Kell: www.arthurkell.com

“Quintan Ana Wikswo juxtaposes dreamy, surreal prose with shadowed, ambiguous, occluded dreamscapes to haunting effect—heady, euphoric, and full with loss. Wikswo’s singular lines strike like the tone of a bell while her beautifully composed images echo the surprising twists of language. [Her work] defies genre or distillation and instead takes the reader/viewer on a journey where myth, mystery, and the impossible have never seemed more real.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“Arthur Kell pushes the lines and learns what lies beyond the norm by breaching boundaries of composition and volunteering a freer conversation. This is music beyond the chart; it is sentient art, challenging listeners with incongruent lines and exhilarating, exacting conversations. It is volatile, daring jazz…”
– Jordan Richardson, Blinded by Sound

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Arthur Kell (bassist, composer) is one of the most original voices on today’s New York jazz scene. For the past twenty-five years, he has played with an amazing cross-section of the most influential contemporary jazz musicians in New York City and around the world. He has released multipple highly acclaimed albums and is the co-Director of renound Bed Stuy club Bar LunÀtico. www.ArthurKell.com

Quintan Ana Wikswo (writer, visual artist) is the author of several books include the acclaimed collection of photographs and prose poem stories “The Hope Of Floating Has Carried Us This Far” (Coffee House Press) as well as anthologies, artist books, and exhibition catalogues. Other work appears in magazines such as Tin House, Guernica, Conjunctions, The Kenyon Review, and many more. She is a Creative Capital grantee and a multiple resident at Yaddo, and performs her work live at venues including(le) poisson rouge, Dixon Place, Bowery Poetry Club, St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery. www.QuintanWikswo.com

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