02/27: Teaching Anti-Bystander Workshop at Meow Wolf

January 26, 2017

Stay tuned for more information about this practical and tactical two-hour workshop I’m presenting with Attiana Virella-Fuentes at the infamous Meow Wolf of Santa Fe. “TO NOT STAND IDLY BY: TACTICS AND STRATEGIES FOR BYSTANDER INTERVENTION” will focus on teaching participants how to use a wide range of tools, tactics, and strategies for how to intervene in hate crimes, street harassment, and other civil rights infringements. Designed to make it possible for anyone to feel confident in a variety of settings, we will lead exercises and daily practice guidelines for how to become the kind of person who does not stand idly by. Working with the psychology of mobs and bullies – as well as techniques to understand and control your own behaviors and emotions in a volatile situation, a variety of methods will be presented to fit a wide diversity and range of situations and resistors. Participants will leave with a detailed reading list, a curriculum of daily exercises, and role-playing guides to practice alone or with allies and small groups.

Monday, February 27th
Meow Wolf
1352 Rufina Circle / Santa Fe
(505) 395-6369

Participation will be limited to our space, and will require reservations, so check back here on or my facebook page, or Meow Wolf’s facebook page, for more details.


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